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What is Self care and Why is it Important? 

Self care is gender neutral and is the process of taking care of our physical, emotional and mental health.  It is important to you look after yourself to be more productive, improve your self-esteem, increase self-knowledge and being more compassionate to others.  By knowing your self-worth you will be giving off positive vibes and make you seem more attractive. Although useful sensory self-care is useful it does not necessarily address your emotions but dealing with your emotions can make you less stressed for longer.

If you are sitting there thinking self-care is selfish, well I have found valuing myself more has allowed me to give more and have stronger relationships with others.  It is easy to forget that emotions are not always good or bad, they are responses to situations that you control.  It can be easy to mask these emotions by using self-destructing mechanisms like alcohol, overeating and drugs but they are only temporary solutions.This post will a part of a 3 part series to help you with self-care ideas in loving memory of Nathan Robson. Nathan sadly lost his battle to depression aged 20 on 19/04/2018.

Emotional Self-care Ideas

  1. Keep a daily diary

Take time out of your day to record how you are genuinely feeling which can help identify the triggers of your moods and what makes you feel happier. If you are worried someone might get hold of your deeper inner thoughts put the diary in a safe place with a padlock on it the old school way or keep it password protected on your laptop. A daily diary can also help you see how far you’ve come, especially if you are working with a therapist to find the route of your problems. If you don’t know where to start try use these pointers and make your own list.

Think if you I loved myself what would I…

  • Do more of?
  • Do less of?
  • Who would I spend time with?
  • What inspires me?
  • What hobbies make me happier and how will I make time for them?
  • What goals do I want to achieve?
  • Which boundarieswill I set?
  • What actions can I take now?


2. Seek Professional Support

If you don’t have anyone who you are close with seeking professional support could be a good route for you. Typically you can get up to 6 free counselling sessions through your University well being centre or the mental health charity Mind (U.K).  These free sessions tend to deal with one  problem you are facing due to the session limits.

However, you maybe entitled to free counselling in your local area through your GP about cognitive behaviour therapy, which helps retrain your way of thinking and may be more beneficial if you require longer sessions.  If you feel talking to a stranger is not for you an alternative may be discussing going on anti-depressants. However,  these take usually around 6 weeks to be effective and lose their effectiveness when combined with alcohol.

3. Practice a Healthier Diet

Food is important to fuel our day and affects our energy levels – Did you know certain foods can help induce you into sleeping or make you sleep longer? Getting enough sleep is important for the self-care triple bottom line. If you have trouble sleeping why not try one of these foods just before bed;

  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Lettuce
  • Turkey
  • Tuna or other fatty fishes
  • Ice cream
  • Milk
  • Kiwi
  • White rice

Food also impacts our moods, taking multi-vitamins will give you an extra little boost or treat yourself by indulging if your favourite desert. If you find you have little self-controland are treating yourself to often why not try replacing sugary or fatty foods with healthier snacks or drinks. Lentil crisps are packed with flavour and low in calories, smoothies, herbal tea, yogurts or egg salads.


 4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I know comparing yourself to others is so hard, when you see beautiful people floating around Instagram and many people’s lives seem so much better. However, you are your worse own critic, deactivating social media for a while might help you to start focus on yourself.

Focus on your strengths and develop your weaknesses 

One way to identify your strengths and weaknesses is by downloading an online skill matrix.

5. Avoid Withdrawal

Most times I considered killing myself has to be to do with being alone for long periods of time and overthinking. Withdrawing from people or your surroundings are the easiest way to enter a downward spiral. Even if you don’t think being around other people is helpful to keep sight of reality subconsciously.  Avoiding withdrawal is always my biggest challenge with self care because when I feel sad I don’t want to inflict my mood onto others or socialise with them.  You may feel you have pushed most or all your friends away but you can work to overcoming withdrawal by;

  • Attend local support meetups
  • Volunteer in a charity
  • Take a random trip
  • Call a helpline
  • Buy or borrow a dog and take it for walkies
  • Reach out to old friends

6. Reminisce on old Memories

Look back at past photos and videos can really give you the feel good factor and remind you of what makes you happy. If you have time and need a hobby making these into a scrap book with quotes with lovely photos can be really fun. If you don’t have time to do this why not make albums when you upload pictures to Facebook so they are easy to find later.

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7.Let yourself Cry

No matter if you’re a man or woman letting yourself is not weak. Crying can help you let go of situations and doesn’t have to be in front of everyone else.

8.Talk to Someone

Therapy is not for everyone and sometimes talking to a stranger is helpful to get an unbiased view even if you’re on a night out. If you feel you are only temporary down a helpline can really help have someone who listen to you. However, be aware Samaritans don’t tend to give advice but just give a helpful ear.

9.Plaster on a Facemask

Buying a Facemask makes you feel good when you put it on a good one can help with your skin. I find putting on a facemask triggers a positive mood and helps me relax. My favourite ones are from LUSH which cost around £7.50. You can buy fresh ones or ones that last a little longer.  If you have sensitive skin you may want to look in the Body Shop instead as there are a small about of parabens in LUSH products.The most important thing with emotional self-care, or any self-care routine in fact is you do it consistently.

Unfortunately Nathan’s mental health deterioratedonce his therapist went on leave and there was no one to replace her.

Sharing is Caring 

Please share the love to help as many people with tips for emotional self-care. Thank you.

Have your Say

Are there any emotional self-care ideas that help you – if so why not share them below?

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The Blogger Recognition Award 2017


Hi everybody,

                                   Welcome back.

Brains & Bodies has received its third nomination for a blogging award this year.  In my first two weeks of blogging I was surprised to have received two nominations for ‘The Liebster Award 2017’. It seems that the saying third time lucky is in full swing and this time I am proud to announce I was nominated for ‘The Blogger Recognition Award 2017″ by Preeti at Scenario of Life.  

Scenario of Life is a lifestyle blog that lets you into everything in Preeti’s world.  She is a credible blogger and so far has received nominations for two blogging awards. If you are interested in health and different aspects of life you should check her blog out.


I launched Brains & Bodies about a month ago and since then I have been astonished by its response. Of course, I am no Z list celebrity, but it’s a great feeling to know people enjoy what you are writing and recognize the importance of health and well-being topics.   I want to thank everyone who has read my posts to date across different oceans.

 Blogging is one of the best things I have ever done for myself mentally and an an amazing opportunity arose this week. I have been asked to be a guest writer for one semester at Cherwell Blogs.

Cherwell Blogs is a blog from the only independent student newspaper at The University of Oxford.  I can’t actually believe I am saying that – I am not even a student there.  I attend Oxford Brookes so theoretically I am still in the Early Learning Centre being asked to play with the top dogs. Nonetheless, being a guest writer will be a great addition to the CV – and it also gave me a compliment off my mother – which is a rare commodity.

However, I can’t lie I am not your usual blogger. One of my main illnesses – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome still holds me back somewhat as I cannot write every week due to the pain I endure.  I accepted the position on the condition I will be writing bi-weekly for them about chronic illnesses related posts– watch this space!



Similar to the Liebster Award, The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. Its purpose is to motivate further writing and acknowledge the effort that is involved in generating posts.  The award is great for bloggers to review and reward each other’s work to create a supportive blogging community.

Once, nominated… If you wish to accept the nomination there are a few rules to be followed which are;

  • Produce a post about the award
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I first was required to create a blog for a University module in the last academic year about Business topics. I didn’t actually receive any likes, comments or shares but I found it was a good way to map out my thoughts more clearly.  I didn’t really think about blogging that much more until I became so sick I couldn’t leave bed and I didn’t know how to explain my health problems to others… or whether I should bother anymore.  If I tried, I wasn’t able to vocalize it very well. I mean in my mind I was but everyone else would ask me to repeat what I said again which led to frustration and feeling alone.

 I own more than one invisible illness – EDS and Depression.  On the odd day I left the house I found I was discriminated against on public transport. I was often told to move to let young children sit down on long journeys.

I explained why I needed to sit down but as parents got rowdy I moved yet my nobly knees didn’t thank me for it. I knew I didn’t look sick but I thought once I explained why I needed to sit down people wouldn’t question it. I was wrong. These things combined led a passion to grow in me for raising awareness about disabilities and well-being.



  1. Discover your Writing Style 

When you’re a newbie, you will quickly realize you need to find your own voice to stand out in a crowded community.  EXPERIMENT with your writing and you will find out what works and what doesn’t.  There are many ways to discover your writing style. Play around with words because your posts will need catchy titles to draw people in.  Writing in a conversational tone can also help the reader feel connected to you.  I suggest you write questions at the end of your posts to engage readers with the contents and don’t worry if you make mistakes.  They aren’t really mistakes if you learn from them.

 I’ll let you into a secret…

Mistakes are normal if you seek to be a fully pledged citizen of the blogosphere.  If you are really stuck then read other blogs. There is no harm in copying the structure of a post as long as you ensure the content IS different.

  1. Raid your Inspiration 

What I mean by raid your inspiration, is when inspiration strikes, write!  You can always come back to your writing to add more or refine existing content and have several drafts.  Proof reading is equally important as writing the original post.  It is better to post content you are proud of than writing for the sake of writing because your worried other bloggers are posting every single day and will gain more traffic.


An Extra Tip –Free of charge, of course. 

  1. Join a blogging network

Blogging is not an easy ride.  Writing is only one half of the process, whilst the other is promotion. My third piece of advice is to join a blogging network. Blogging networks can be hit and miss if they are generic so search for one in your niche.  By finding a network you can increase traffic and engagement and gain advice from more experienced bloggers.  You can look for a variety of blogging networks on Google but many tend to be on Facebook.



     Lifestyle and Travel


  • Danny at Dadoo  
  • Mark at Thoughts of a First Time Dad

    Congratulations to all my nominees, you deserve it. I hope you have fun if you choose to take part and I look forward to reading your posts.  I would like to thank Preeti again for nominating Brains & Bodies and appreciating my hard work.


    1. What do you think about the award?
    2. Do you have any advice new bloggers?


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