Excuse me, if this sounds a little bit like a Jeremy Kyle advert but here it goes.

Do  you have a YouTube channel or work in Television? 

I am interested in being interviewed about my physical and mental health problems.  These are OCD, EDS III, photo-sensitivity, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, dyspraxia and food allergies.

Or perhaps you are a free from or health blogger?

I would love to gain experience by writing guest posts on your blogs or provide information in the topics outlined above to help you write yours.

It’s not all about ‘me’…

Do you have a food allergy, physical or mental health condition and want to share your story?

Yet, you don’t have the the time or know the exacts words to do it.  Fear not. I can help you. Together we will raise awareness of your condition and I will send you the finish draft/video before publishing. You also have the choice to remain anonymous.

     If you are a blogger, you have the opportunity to write this yourself as a guest post.

 Are you a carer of someone with an illness/disability and want to share your story?

                   If so,  I would love to hear from you!


To make the dream team happen, please fill the form below with your enquiries. I look forward to  hearing from you.