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Hello everyone!

Sorry, I have been a hermit for the past 2 months, gosh how time has flown by.

I have been so poorly since coming out of hospital I have struggled to blog but today I set up my Youtube channel ( I think) haha. Not sure why it fast-forwards but you can take it back to the start.

You can find me there..  by clicking here   

I would love if you checked it out and subscribed.

Lots of Love,

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My YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel

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Hello lovelies,

 I am yet to set up my YouTube channel.  The delay due to me starting a new job, trying to improve my health and returning back to Uni.

When the channel is running I will focus the videos around Ehlers Danlos syndrome, POTS and product reviews (nut and gluten free). However, eventually I would like to interview other people with conditions to share their stories.